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Tips For Business Owners To Save On Energy Costs

Often businesses are forced to run their operation pretty lean in this economy but often times we overlook the obvious such as how we use electricity in our business space! Here are some tips that can help you cut costs and save.

1. Number one on our list is to start monitoring your electricity usage. Once you can see where you are potentially wasting electricity, it’s easier to take action and make changes to reduce your usage. Some electric companies provide energy monitors or audits free of charge to their customers so it’s worth checking with them. It’s also a good idea to have your power/breaker box checked and updated to ensure you are able to efficiently carry the electrical loads your business requires.

savemoney2. If you have electric heating or a heat pump, turn your thermostat down a degree or two. Amazing how much you can save from this one action alone.

3. Make sure appliances are fully turned off and not left on stand-by such as PCs, TVs and other audio visual equipment, photocopiers, printers and machinery. Don’t leave appliances charging for longer than is necessary e.i. phones, laptops and iPads. You’ll be surprised how much energy is used by appliances left on standby or charging.

4. Turn off lights when leaving a room – sounds obvious but does it happen in reality? Depending upon your type of operation, it may be worth considering installing room sensors to switch lights on and off automatically if you don’t already have them. If you have outside lights operating on a sensor, check them occasionally to make sure they are not staying on during the day. These are often powerful halogen lights that burn a lot of electricity and it’s not uncommon for the sensors to fail.

5. Change halogen lamps to low energy compact fluorescent or LED lamps. These come in many sizes to fit most fixtures. Southern Electric offers a cost saving lighting analysis that will take the guess work out of what is the best choices for to save you money and fit your work needs.

Southern Electric is here to help you with all you electrical needs. We are so sure of our work quality we offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. We also provide ‘Straight Forward Pricing’ and we are licensed and insured with an outstanding Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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